S tationery is something very important to run any kind of business, we require stationery for our day to day work like visiting cards, letter heads, envelopes, brochures, catalogues, pens, pencils, diaries, calendars, and many more.

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Why Branding on Stationery required?
Branding your name or company’s logo is very important for your business, it will separate the detail oriented companies from the rest of other companies. It is a very small thing that can actually boost your business in an impressive way that you wouldn’t believe. In today’s world where internet, television and other forms of technology, branded stationery is one aspect of marketing that many business owners forget to include in their marketing plans. Trust the marketing tactics, any place where your company’s name or logo is shown that adds up to a new client or business.

What type of stationery to use and their benefits?
You might be thinking that you’re not in the business where you require a lot of stationery, but the chances are you might use a lot of paper items than what were originally thought of. You may certainly need business cards with your branding on them, beyond business cards you may require letter heads and not to forget the complimentary slips with your information printed on them. Let the company’s name or logo printed on the pens, pencils, paperweight etc that you can give away for free. You can even have magnets which your customer can put on the refrigerator that would remind them about you. You can also get your diaries and calendars printed with branding, we know it’s a very old way of marketing but trust me it still work. As with speedy life style people are getting quite lazy, so with a calendar on their desk can actually help them to remember upcoming events and they would even love to keep it.

Some added benefits
There are many benefits of getting branding on your stationery and one of them is smooth & incessant marketing, every time the customer uses that pen or pencil or something under the magnet or writing something on the diary or just sitting ideal at his desk and looking at your calendar, they will think of you and your business. This may go beyond the individual who you will be giving it to. Friends may borrow the pen or your diary to write something, may be your customer is not in a need of your services at that moment but they can certainly pass your reference to someone who is actually in a need, or there could be a stranger who comes across to your printed stationery and using it with your information printed on it reinforces the word of mouth recommendation.