Offset Printing

O ffset printing is the commercial printing method used around the world since 20th century.  This type of printing is used by the businesses and Multi-Nationals as an effective and cost-control way of marketing.
Delhi Printing uses the traditional offset printing on the latest and advanced genuine Heidelberg machines for excellent and quality results, however the concept of offset printing isn’t new but with our state-of-the-art technologies and machines of 21st century we guarantee fast, reliable, best quality and affordable printing to our customers.

We Print:-

  • Catalogs.
  • Brushers.
  • Diaries.
  • Notebooks.
  • Tent cards.
  • Danglers.
  • Annual reports.

What is offset printing?
Offset operates on a very simple fact, ink and water don’t mix. Image, text or both are sublimated on the metal plates which are dampened by water and ink by rollers on the press machine, the oil based ink is adhere to the image area and the water on the non-image or text area. The inked area is then transferred to a rubber cylinder or blanket and then onto the paper as it passes around the blanket. The process is called offset since the image doesn’t go directly from the plates to the paper, but is offset or transferred to another surface as the intermediary.

What is 4-color printing?
Offset printing or even your desktop ink-jet printer work on the principal of four basic ink colors which is CMYK. All the other colors are form by these 4 base colors which are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These 4 colors are spread in the form of small dots in such a pattern that makes our eyes believe we are seeing a wide range of colors. That’s why we often know the offset printing as four color printing.
Offset printing can also use premixed inks in specific colors including metallic and fluorescent colors, called spot colors, to obtain hues outside the normal color range of the process printing.

Why use offset printing?
The advantages of the offset printing are better quality and cost-effective for a higher volume of production, which can be used as a strong and effective marketing tool for a business as it can print a single sheet of 28 X 40 inches in one go. The more you print the less you need to pay, brilliant quality results, as it produces rich, accurate color and high quality images and photographs, with sharp typefaces and fine details.