Digital printing


Since the digital printing has been launched in the year 1993, it has taken the printing industry by storm. Since the launch it has taken almost 39% of all printing and it is even expected that digital printing may reach EUR 15 bn in 2016 in the European market. The vice-president of HP and Indigo Mr. Chris Baker says ‘The growth of digital printing has been driven by the marketers. Companies need to communicate effectively with their customers and digital printing provided them with a way of doing this efficiently’.
At Delhi Printing we have the Best Digital Printing Solutions, delivering cost effective, high quality but low volume production for your printing & branding needs i.e. Catalogues, Brochures, Annual Reports, Portfolio's, office stationary and much more.

Green Earth
Digital printing method can boost the green credentials of any company; unlike conventional printing there is no need to get the data transferred to plates resulting in no wastage of metal and chemical components and paper. Here the digital document files get converted into the digital final print and no pre-printing stages are required.


Digital printing offers a quicker and accurate response due to its minimal press setup. It even simplifies the printing process, traditional films and plates are redundant, there is no press make ready needed. No adjustments, no ink matching, no plate mounting is required. There is less manpower required in digital printing, so as a result the final product can be delivered quickly.

Short Quantities

Digital printing is the ideal method of producing short quantities with exact accuracy, the best advantage of the digital printing is you can anytime take a sample print to see the final outcome of the job, and if you feel that the colors or the images are not as per your expectation then you can change it with the minimal efforts to achieve better results. In traditional printing the minimum printing costs are fixed like the plate cost, ink cost, running cost and wastage, so if you have small requirement, we have digital printing solution for that as well.