Sorry … one of them has had 2 owners after us and had this been implemented back then they would have definitely wiped us out. We wanted to highlight that sometimes we’ll make changes and they may not pan out, but we’re not afraid to pull those back, give them some more time in the oven or tackle problems from a different point of view. Log In Sign Up. This specific map will be set up so that you can still enjoy all the mechanics that ATLAS has to offer, whilst hosting it as a standalone server with no database setup required! Could even have these said helpless cargo ships being escorted by npc warships, and in order to get to it -  to plunder - you have to take out its escorts first. It will allow up to 8 players to play simultaneously on the server. Over the course of the last year, would-be pirates have had the opportunity to take in the matey madness of Atlas over on Steam. 1st priority: Resource Box and Food larder This page lists all known NPCs, from common animals like the Chicken to monsters and bosses such as the Drake. It would be great if we can at least move freely on a grid and dont get teleported to the host once we are a few meters away which was really annoying in the ark local mode. Piracy in Atlas MMO Game are Skills learned by the player that allow them to effectively complete Piratic … - Fixed a bug where players would temporarily enter combat state upon transition - Fixed certain level creatures not receiving experience points in Single Player My company conquered our main from another company long before i joined them, and they couldnt clean up all of the enemy structures untill recently because one or many of the old owners came to visit every few days to reset the timers. Looks the same as a Book (Atlas), a Book (CGB), and Strange Good Night Songs. i hope there will be friendly "wild pirate encampments" or ports so we can trade. Pirates can operate anywhere in the galaxy, but low-security systems are the most lucrative. So if your aim sucks, or you have multiple targets, this will be a great weapon of choice. Pirates don't gain a bountyand there's no NPC security in anarchy systems. Congratulations to all of the winners who will receive some real life cash booty! Each region will also have a WPE Level visible to players, some being higher than others resulting in better loot but a more challenging task.”. We’re excited to reveal to you a new system we’ve been working on, which will be released for Single Player, Non-Dedicated Multiplayer (more on that later! Hopefully they add cargo/trader ships as potential human npc ships to raid. v209.35 Join the world of ATLAS - the ultimate multiplayer pirate experience! Thats just dumb. When we’ve got something to share about the launch date, additional features, it’s availability on the PTR, we will let you know. I was looking forwards to Blackwood being released so I could restart my unofficial server with a setup that would be easier to maintain. Before we begin, we’d like to give each and every one of you a huge thanks for the support you’ve shown ATLAS. Our initial attempt involved setting a maximum height for flags to be placed at, but we recognize this one-stop solution doesn’t work for all islands, so we’ll be looking at a more island-specific approach in the future. - Demolishing buoys will no longer leave the sign floating behind We’re excited to introduce this type of encounter to the ATLAS and we expect to have it ready in the very near future. Non-Dedicated Multiplayer is also coming to the game and will, “facilitate playing as a client whilst also hosting the server at the same time. Yeah.. it's now way too dangerous to build on claimed land. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. For full patch notes and additional details, check out the Captain’s Log here. Stationed crew are a lot more cost efficient on our servers due to specialized logic. This means that they will decay within 12 hours. Something like exploring caves or shipwrecks for aesthetics. This includes their patrolling ships and any enemy NPC within range of the Encampment center. Something not everyone has done yet especially if they are solo players. agree, npc settlements to trade with and recruit sialors from, would be a nice feature. Early Game Survival Tips. Hrm, I though those where the npc's that spawned with the camps, including the three that spawn as pirate, patrol ships.. Our allies quit the game and we lose our base on their land? - Fast Structure Decay is now enabled on non-snapped core structures. Agreed. Having all crew capable of repairing meant resources were being used up a lot more rapidly than some intended due to natural boat decay, but changing it back to idle only, means players have a partial choice in determining how often those resources are being used up. It's a survival title. Note this will also function on lawless servers, but to do so we've had to have them display island points on the map, however they still will not be able to be claimed. Cheat Summon [Name] – Make sure to have the Character_BP_C. stat Unit – Overall frame time as well as the game thread, rendering thread, and GPU times. 23.0k. - Added activate sail turning as a keybind (default: Left Shift) - Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the Wall Hook to not remember whether a light source was active after loading a saved game You should be absolutely sure before implementing a nuke all button. - Tax Banks can only be placed by Admins or above in companies. So I guess I'm out. I for one know the moment someone new claims the island i'm on and if they wipe it then i'm done, i'm not rebuilding. We need NPC humans to fight, especially NPC humans sailing ships. This Skill Line is unlocked via the Seamanship Discipline. I've been really curious about the new Wild Pirate Camps so I jumped into a single player game to seek them out. ATLAS is an early access pirate MMO survival game from Grapeshot Games, a studio made up of members of the ARK: Survival Evolved development team. Also, the player numbers are so low now, that given some warning of this mechanic, existing players could try to claim land in advance of being wiped. And it would definitely give us solo players another reason to play with other players, even if for a brief moment. So 12k Gold to get the job done with a single click it's a huge QOL improvement. ... r/PlayAtlas is a fan community for Atlas, the giant MMO pirate game from Grapeshot Games! - Forest Colouring can now be crafted and applied to items We have 2 bases on islands for breeding that we have invested several months in, on islands that we no longer own. So it’s a win-win for everyone here! This list of Atlas admin commands includes Item spawns, resource spawns, wild creatures tamed creature spawns, skins, ship spawns, junk sail skins, and many more items you will need during your Atlas … It's easy! v209.46 Pirate Ships. All rights reserved. This would be perfect for mat farming. These are really dangerous because if they decide to hit you and you’re on a Raft — you are dead. Fighting sotd is cool and all but not very "piratey". This is not a good idea in my opinion. User account menu. Atlas' simulation of life aboard a ship is about as authentic as it gets while still being fun. Silent eddies run before your boat as you make your way through the slick reeds of The Mire. Atlas – Disable Auto Target Lock Quick and Simple guide on the types of battle tactics in pirate naval warfare . Founded in the early 90's with OtE and the related "On the Edge" collectible card game. Killing animals, aotd and mythical creatures can get boring and repetitive afterall. Here’s an update on our Hydra Six-Shooter Pistol! Atlas Games PO Box 131233, Roseville, MN 55113 (USA) Makers of the surreal intrigue RPG Over the Edge, along with Ars Magica (4th ed), Feng Shui (2nd ed), Unknown Armies, Furry Pirates (co-published with Furry Games), and the tabloid universe RPG Pandemonium. 3rd priority: Resource Box and Food larder For Example: setres 1920×1080. v209.34 We are working on final touches and testing for ISO: Blackwood and we expect to have it ready to play later this month. An island can only have Claim Flags placed on it when no Encampments are present on the island, indicated on the HUD when the system is enabled. This pistol, as the name indicates, allows for up to 6 shots before reloading -- though it is significantly weaker than the single-shot flintlock! The placement of Encampments will be randomized along the islands, and they can also include inland encampments without ships. - Fixed underwater trenches not loading properly in Single Player It's worth noting that if the last station you were docked is owned by a minor faction you have, or gain, a bounty with, you'll respawn at that station and have to pay that bounty of… This will open a submenu which will tell the npc which way to drive (facing wind, global direction, facing my direction, etc). Please please please pretty please expand it to Officila Network. Crew on Land: It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about our next Mega Update 3. I didnt test them myself, just assumed. Will players be able to go to different grids at the same time or do they have to stay with the host? That's a terrible idea. Something like placeable objects we could put around our bases(furniture, artwork etc etc). Sign up for a new account in our community. Wade through thick green waters teeming with dangerous creatures, rare plant life, and the occasional Gorgon to find buried treasure and lost corpses. - Company Island Point Limit has been increased by 100 Weed Hamilton Archives - ... Weed Hamilton There is simply nothing to do after you defeat all the bosses. Hm...I might actually come back to the game when this launches. I think it'd be good for PVP too, but regular pvpers may have a different opinion. This will destroy your old flag and drop it's entire inventory into a loot cache (2 hour expiration time) on the ground. This is how the new feature will function on Non-Dedicated Multiplayer and Single Player mode: “Wild Pirate Encampments” (WPE) are collections of enemy NPC characters, defensive fleets, and fortifications which inhabit claimable islands. Though, we won’t leave you guys empty handed! .-. Each region will also have a WPE Level visible to players, some being higher than others resulting in better loot but a more challenging task. We didn't get an island fast enough to have a good claim base and this is going to massively punish those who built on 122 point islands. - New placeable land structure 'Crew Resources Silo' which allows storage of food and gold to feed crew. You only see this kind of team play with ships when fighting the kraken. “Wild Pirate Encampments” (WPE) are collections of enemy NPC characters, defensive fleets, and fortifications which inhabit claimable islands. @Dollie @Jatheish You honestly feel this is an encouragement for people to play? Claim Flags that were previously placed which exceed this limit will indicate as such on the HUD. We're still investigating legacy wrecks and however they may clear with this change after 5 days, as company data is loaded Wipe island button for mmo mode, i also dont think its a good idea. Players will have the option to disable WPE entirely via the Host Settings UI, or scale the difficulty of Encampments (this will not affect the loot quality). We loved looking over the entries for Show 'n Tell and we're excited to showcase our favourites so everyone can check out player's creative endeavours and piratey adventures! - Renamed one of the Purple colours to 'Dark Violet' as there were two of the same name r.lightshafts 0 – Turn Off Lightshafts. They’ll also have AI ships representing all 4 classes (Sloop through to Galleon) patrolling the shoreline of their islands. We only need small rocks. So, of course, you guys may remember our mention of the I.W.C.R.S, now dubbed the Silo - a structure which can store gold and berries and is capable of feeding and paying crew from anywhere on the island - a much needed QOL change! r/playatlas: r/PlayAtlas is a fan community for Atlas, the giant MMO pirate game from Grapeshot Games! This Atlas mod adds an extra skill in the Seamanship tree, with Expert Shipwright as prerequisite. - Important: Claim Flags now have a maximum height limit when being placed. Atlas support Cheats or Console Commands. Feast yer eyes on  th' best o' th' bunch below! A pirate's life for me. On the minus side -this may not entice new players to the game when they see that anything they build can be wiped out by another player at whim. - Fixed a bug which would cause bears and horses from not basing on ships when they had storage carts attached to their harness (this would cause them to fall off ships when sailing) If you decide to enable WPE on an Unofficial Dedicated Server please note that: With the implementation of this togglable content, we’ll be nerfing the traversal capability of Gliders on Non-Dedicated Multiplayer and Single Player, with an option to use the original values in Non-Dedicated Multiplayer. Sennheiser HD 560S Review: Dethroning the HD 6XX? r.bloomquality 0 – Turn Off Bloom. - Fixed a bug which caused Pistols to have a bullet loaded after being repaired from a broken state With an npc driving, hold E over any part of the boat and click the "Auto-Pilot" option. I can totally see players on the pve servers temporarily grouping up with random players, or swarming the ocean with their companies to take on these "cargo fleets". it would seem that the need to get everyone playing this game to start fighting or warring in some way is completely dominating any future changes.If you're constantly battling all the time you might as well play pvp.I like the idea of giving players something more to do,but why is that always just fighting more people or elements or monsters etc?Has no one on the team got an imagination beyond more things to fight?what about more things to explore that aren't just an excuse for more monsters to fight? We expect to have this game mode available next week (the week of July 14), and the “Wild Pirate Encampments” Beta towards the end of the month. Encampments will only spawn (and can respawn) on unsettled islands when no players/tames/structures are nearby at all, over a long period of time. or they will be initially friendly unless attacked and can be used for trading until then. brand new players will join or play solo like in every other game. I agree. This shows some dedication to aligning and individually painting each canvas. This will destroy all structures on that island, including their own. All rights reserved. Wild Pirates Encampments seems to be a great idea. Press J to jump to the feed. As a PVE player I'm happy to see stuff like this being added. 2 hours ago, [GP] Guybrush Threepwood said: 9 hours ago, [GP] Guybrush Threepwood said: 209.499 We appreciate your feedback as always and will continue to iterate on solving these problems and more! I’m also excited for this! I don't understand how in a PvE world you guys feel that it's ok for someone to come along one day and wipe everyone else. Piracy is one of the Skills in MMO Game Atlas. It provides access to submarine building and driving, without having to defeat the Kraken. For those not familiar with Blackwood, this is not something we’ll be supporting specifically on our Official Network, as it was designed and intended to be used for single servers an example of a mod map that can be hosted unofficially. There’s a pirate MMO on the horizon, and its sea-farers look ambitious. Even with the fast decay thing, meaning you don't have to worry about single pillars now, it's a huge grind to eliminate all of the bigger structures. We look forward to the next round of Show n' Tell! Over the course of ATLAS’ development, our recent review scores on Steam have jumped considerably. However, if the Encampment has not been fully defeated, it will reset to full strength if sufficient time has transpired without it being rendered. From the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved comes ATLAS -- the ultimate pirate experience! How to Build a Sloop / Ship. So many people leave the game that the repercussions of this move aren't felt in full force. We just wanted to express our thanks and show our gratitude for your support. Unlimited claims - nobody was happy because everyone wants to own land and some of the players hogged it all. Piracy - Atlas. Click here to view more tracking data. 2nd priority: Claim Flags So excited for the non-dedicated multiplayer! Click Here to Show/Hide Spoiler Information Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow. Also something like this would open a whole lot of doorways to further implement story and lore into the game. With the latest patch, new settlement owners will now have a 12-hour window to activate a one-time razing of an island. Set sail for the ultimate pirate experience! if you do not have one join a company or go solo laweless. Embark on a grand adventure alongside thousands of other players in one of the largest game worlds ever built (and even claim a piece of it to call your own). Kudos to the builder, this is meticulously designed and executed. Does this mean we'll be able to claim IA ship if we aboard and kill his crews ? -  Everyone still can't own land because now there's really not enough to go around, but an attempt at balance is made with the new "build anywhere" rules. There have been questions about the release date, and how it’s progressing. In long pvp defenses the island get so spammed that becomes hardly usable even for the original owner. - Claim flag height limit has been increased to 6500 units above sea level Lose our entire stock because the island changes hands? Keep your eye on the horizon, there is much to look forward to, some coming sooner than you might expect ;)! Constantly questioning industry practices and a passion for technological progress drive his love for the video game industry. This was because we wanted to encourage players to keep their crew stationed when possible, and the primary reason for that is for performance. They could even take a whole different route of content in the form of exploration with reward. nerfing the glider is ok as long as they put the resources ie gems,in lower areas and reachable areas so I won't need it. How to - Fast Decay has now been enabled for Settlement Owners Has anyone anticipated the effect on brand new players joining a server that is half-loaded or fully loaded? It's clear this system could use some improvements, and it’ll likely be something that's touched on in the future. Members. Those which exceed the limit will be able to place a 2nd claim flag in a viable location. So many things grapeshot could do to make this game much more enjoyable on the open seas. - Fixed a bug which prevented harvesting on creatures/using tools in Singleplayer Update 2020 08, 14: Atlas has recently been patched with a couple of new items, including the farmhouse, stone farmhouse, and now a warehouse.We have updated our list to include those items. What problem is this new mechanic attempting to fix? - Stationed Crew and Idle Crew now have the same gold cost requirements on land and on ships (Client will need to be updated to visualize this change, it's inc!) Atlas Hidden Treasure Hunts And Best Way To Get Gold As mentioned before, Ghost Ships are strictly Bots (A.I. KonTittie 7x7 /PVE/PVP/AllQuests/NPC Pirate play-instinct.DE is currently ranked #88888 with 0/25 players online. Even though island ownership is "capped" by company size, the large companies surprise no one by leaving the big islands alone and grabbing up all the small ones. Next Wednesday, we'll be deploying an update which will force destroy any legacy flags which exceed the height limit. It can only be used during peacetime, and will notify everyone on that specific grid, as well as log into any companies that had wiped structures on that island. - Reverted the Claim Flag height limit on Official Servers Very rarely did a pirate and his crew actually battle against a ship already designed and fitted for war(in game the equivalent being sotd). - Fixed an edge case which allowed you to fire cannons through walls Unofficials can enable this setting with the following command parameter: ?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true ), Unofficial Dedicated Servers (optional), and potentially expanded onto the Official Networks in the future. Pirates plundered cargo ships and traders, transforming these same captured ships into war vessels to then plunder some more. Another crew focused change we made recently, was to sync up the costs of both stationed and idle crew. Has anyone run the classic what-if scenarios for abuse of this new mechanic? Claim changes to own an entire island. Captain's Log #34: Wild Pirate Encampments, Non Dedicated Mode, and More! 3rd priority: Claim Flags You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Poorna Shankar Posted: Jul 16, 2019 12:00 PM Category: News 0. RockGolem_Character_BP_C; Sheep_Character_BP_C; Pulovia_Character_BP_C the change is good because now you have a reason to have an island. From the accounts of its creators, Atlas is a sprawling game. Well Since Atlas can be played in single player mode here I am, my plan is to conquer the world.