Sunny Beach is one of the largest and most developed of those in the Bulgarian property market; with an active market for villas in Sunny Beach and apartments in Sunny Beach as hundreds of thousands of tourists and investors are attracted to its turquoise waters and clear blue skies. The same minimum amount applies – invest €511,292 in a Bulgarian company for four or five years and you’ll be granted Bulgarian residence and eventually a passport too. Fast-track applicants are able to offload their bonds after four years. It’s still not 100% certain whether the changes to the RBI program will get accepted in the Parliament. . , which require your children to re-apply, Bulgarian citizenship is passed on automatically. Arton Capital, a “one stop shop for citizenship” with offices in Sofia, London and Dubai, explained that there were extensive benefits from buying a Bulgarian passport. Yet, it’s a relatively safe loan since it’s financed through official channels. Bring your family. For the most part, applicants are only interested in the fast-track to a European passport, so we’d understand if you mistook it for a regular CBI program. The biggest draw of the Bulgarian residence-to-citizenship investment program is that it is the fastest way to obtain a European citizenship besides citizenship by investment. UK nationals are just as free to buy and own property in an EU country today as they were before Brexit and this will continue indefinitely. Then the stocks or shares of a company listed on the Sofia Stock Exchange might be just the ticket. Unlike people from the US, Canada, or Australia who already have top-tier passports, emerging world citizens may not find much value in pursuing a second passport in somewhere like, 3. A residence program? And the cost of doing business is quite low, as Bulgaria has some of the most favorable tax rates in Europe. Since it’s really a hybrid program, not many people linger in the permanent resident stage. . While it’s nowhere near as complicated as German or French citizenship, you still need to ensure that you go about it correctly to avoid getting caught in red tape. Whether you dream of owning an Alpine ski villa or a condo by the beach, you’ll have plenty of options in Bulgaria. However, the sooner you go, the sooner you will obtain your residence permit. You can finance your investment in three ways: 1. Financing outright. When buying non-landed property, a company is not necessary, but is often advisable. the founder of the US-based fintech unicorn Robinhood is Bulgarian. Once your visa is approved, you will be expected to make your way to the country to apply for your permanent residence card. €500,000 is expected of all foreigners. One thing to note, however, is that the main applicant must obtain the residence/citizenship first before the family members become eligible to apply. Let’s talk about each of them in more detail. Not so in Bulgaria. A powerful passport. There is a government database of properties an applicant can choose from. The scheme was launched in 2013, when the Bulgarian Citizenship Act introduced the possibility to buy citizenship against investment. Ownership and property laws are sovereign laws set by individual countries and are not governed by EU regulation. Invest BGN 1 million (€511,292) and hold for five years. So, why would you want a Bulgarian passport? Investing EUR 430,000 in 2 residential units in the capital Sofia can allow applicants to attain full EU citizenship in as little as 18 months. You see, the main idea behind any RBI or CBI program is to inject foreign investment capital into the economy. The right to obtain medical care in Bulgaria and in any country in the EU. No. And those who do know wish that it would stay this way. you can get residence in Bulgaria and fast-track your citizenship to become a European citizen in just two years. You’ll be able to invest in government bonds if you want to apply for Bulgarian residence, an investment that’s fully recoupable once the holding period is over. All non-EU natural or legal persons can buy apartments in Bulgaria on their own names, provided that the apartments don’t come with ideal parts of the land on which the apartments were built. However I would like to add something to the historical part. You will hold this citizenship for life, unless you fail to hold up your end of the deal and it gets revoked. This is one of the cheapest RBI programs in the EU. Or, you can double your investment to €1,024,000 to apply for citizenship after just 1 year of being a resident – the so-called fast track option. Invest in a company listed on the Sofia Stock Exchange. Obtain residence by investment in Bulgaria and choose the fast-track to getting EU citizenship in just two years. The Permanent Residence card is valid for 5 years, or for as long as your passport is valid (if less than 5 years). It’s imminent that Bulgaria joins the Schengen area. If you are considering renouncing your US citizenship, you will find that one of the hardest things to let go of is the strength of the US passport. But Bulgaria’s main goal was to boost its dwindling population numbers. There are three popular residency programs in Asia. Hey Ivan, thank you for your interest. Julie says: February 28, 2019 at 3:54 pm. Spain. Registering the notary deed with the right registry agency to ensure rights in the case of third party claims regarding the property. Its charming culture and balmy climates rival those of Bulgaria. Buy Bulgarian IP including trademarks, patents, models, etc. The visa will be valid for six months after it’s issued, so you must plan to visit Bulgaria in those six months. Bulgarian residency program includes more than 20 legal grounds for obtaining a long stay permit or permanent residency by foreign citizens. Who Should Consider Bulgaria’s Residence-to- Citizenship Program? Then you shouldn’t delay. A minimum investment of BGN 1 million (€511,292) in bonds is required to become a permanent resident of Bulgaria – a financial asset class that’s considered quite low-risk. US citizens who frequently do business in the EU, for example, may want to invest in an EU residence-come-passport to ensure visa-free access to the Schengen zone and other EU countries. Bulgaria could prove to be the smartest decision that you’ll ever make – obtaining European citizenship for a rather low price in a country that’s soon going to be part of the Schengen and the Eurozone. There won’t be any interest accrued, however. Talk about privacy and having a low profile. Hello Marina i am ishtiaq javed from pakistan please tell me the whole process of Bulgrain citizenship and fee amount for pakistan, Your email address will not be published. While this may seem an unlikely step, it is one that some EU governments already place on other non-EU nationals who wish to buy a property … . However, some limitations do exists. Plus, Bulgaria is a destination that’s known for its science and technology scene. You won’t need to learn the language if you’re applying for Bulgarian permanent residence and citizenship. Easiest Countries To Get Citizenship In Europe. Bulgaria’s program actually makes up a tiny sliver of the. Its charming culture and balmy climates rival those of Bulgaria. Life could be worse. So, what are the actual steps to obtaining residence by investment in Bulgaria? Yes, but with some restrictions depending where you come from. Your spouse (of at least five years) and underage children can all be added to the application for the same price. Bulgaria generally doesn’t care much about where the money comes from – provided it’s from a legitimate source. If you divest, the money will once more be returned in Bulgarian Lev. It’s currency – the Bulgarian lev – is pegged to the euro, so there won’t be any nasty surprises when you go for Bulgaria’s residence. And while Bulgaria does not currently belong to the Schengen zone, it won’t be long before they do. Plus, the government has been unable to advertise its program due to lack of funds, which has led to a vicious cycle of low numbers of applicants, low earnings, and no marketing budget. Who Should Consider the Bulgarian Residence-to-Citizenship Program? Bulgaria ranks #31 out of 80, sitting right in the middle along with India, Thailand, and Croatia. If you choose this way, then all you will need to do is pay an up-front deposit, which is normally around $195,000. What about Latvia then, a northeastern European country that might be small, but packs a powerful investment punch? Yet, unlike other programs, you won’t have to become a tax resident to work towards obtaining citizenship – that’s major. This will be a nice addition for the readers as when reading the article they might get the impression that the country was always integrated in some other entity, thus having submissive status. In accordance with the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, foreign investors who hold a permanent resident permit for at least five years are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Be prepared to invest 1 million Bulgarian Lev to become eligible to apply for permanent residence and/or citizenship. Property in Bulgaria. Bulgarian citizens have visa-free access to 170 countries, making it the 17th-strongest passport in the world. Your spouse (of at least five years) and underage children can all be added to the application for the same price. Spain’s RBI program has a similar price tag as Bulgaria’s – a minimum investment of €500,000 is expected of all foreigners. Obtaining a long stay permit by property purchase is available for two types of applicants – retired and non-retired. And, that’s not including interest, which can add up to around $320K. Citizenship, Residency, and Visas in Bulgaria Fast Track Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment. With its rich history, proud culture, and stunning scenery. It is possible to buy property in Portugal and obtain citizenship after 5 years of maintained investment. He has personally lived this lifestyle for over a decade, and now works with seven- and eight-figure entrepreneurs and investors who want to "go where they're treated best". You only have to visit the country once when you’re applying for residence. Or, you can double your investment to. One of the main reasons Homesgofast.ocm users search for Bulgarian real estate is the low house prices in Bulgaria offering extremely food value for money. If those things are important to you, you’ll be glad to know that Bulgaria doesn’t publish the names of its applicants or residents either. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Alongside this, you should have confirmation through a Cyprus bank that you have saved a minimum capital of 30,000 EUR from abroad. Bulgaria boasts a rich and diverse culture, temperate climate, and ideal location in Southeast Europe However, you will also be subject to the whims of a large, cumbersome government entity that might impose stricter rules on citizenship-based taxation and residency requirements. Once you obtain your Bulgarian passport, you will get access to 170 different countries – visa-free. Bulgaria also does not appear to be all that special at first glance. You can invest €250,000 in Greek real estate to obtain residence there. There are approximately 1.3 million Britons living in Europe many of which chose Bulgaria for their second home or just bought a holiday home in Bulgarian resorts. . Citizenship – Bulgaria. Like Eastern Europe? Not many people are aware of what Bulgaria has to offer. We think of Bulgaria’s program as a hybrid residence-to-citizenship program. English-speaking Mediterranean island living, anyone? Or, you can just visit it for holidays – you choose. How to Become a Resident and Citizen of Bulgaria. ) The PRS grants residency to foreigners who purchase up to 1.25 arpents (5,050m2) of residential property costing at least USD500,000. This makes it an attractive option if you’re looking to permanently leave the US or want to expand your children’s educational opportunities as an emerging world citizen. Whether a lovely beach the property, a great ski resort property, a stunning country house with a big plot of land, or a modern apartment in a big developed city, Bulgaria has it all and most important- with highly affordable prices. This way, you won’t need to worry about interest rates or outside financing, and your money will effectively be held in an account that’s locked for five years. If you don’t want to pay more for the fast-track citizenship option, you can make a minimum investment of  €512,000 and get residence and the regular five-year timeline to naturalization. It should also … The investment will need to be made in Bulgarian Lev, so you should take into consideration the forex fees too. However, what sets Spain apart is its large economy and worldwide status. For your Bulgarian citizenship application, you may need to order a birth, ... Accommodation and buying property. Yes, you will need to make at least one trip to Bulgaria to submit your biometric information and apply for the permanent residence permit. It’s also relatively easy to set up a company in Bulgaria. While we value comments that add to the conversation, we reserve the right to edit or delete anything that is abusive, threatening, libelous, spammy, or is otherwise inappropriate. Article 4 of 6. One of the most preferred is the purchase of a real estate property in Bulgaria. There is confusion in the investment immigration world as to what Bulgaria’s program really is. After that, you can maintain your residence without having to visit the country. We’ve already mentioned that the Bulgarian residence-to-citizenship program isn’t like other comparable programs. The Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program offers straightforward routes to acquiring European Citizenship for the entire family with freedoms to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU member states. Portugal, Greece and Spain are the most popular real estate investment programs. The biggest perk of a European residence is being able to travel all over Europe visa-free. This is a tricky question and it depends on who you ask. Getting Bulgarian citizenship by investment is a relatively easy process. While you get permanent residency (and all of the benefits that come with it) almost immediately, you need to wait at least two years before officially becoming a Bulgarian citizen. Basically all foreigners can buy property provided it doesn’t come with land. The cost of living in Bulgaria is one of the lowest in Europe. While you may be able to freely travel and buy property throughout Europe, you’re also subject to EU laws and regulations, which are becoming increasingly burdensome by the moment. At present, there is an alternative option when buying landed property - to form a Bulgarian registered company, with the buyer as sole owner and director (the buyer could choose to add other directors, e.g., his spouse). Your immediate family members are also eligible to apply for permanent residence and the subsequent citizenship, if you so wish. Would you like to still apply under the existing conditions, as they are set out in this article? The immigration lawyers at Markony Immigration Services LLP can assist you to file your Bulgarian citizenship application with the Ministry of Justice . Our law firm would be happy to walk you through in a professional manner no matter what path you choose. At least they will not be able to buy such estate as physical persons. Bulgarian Citizenship. And when compared to countries like Greece or Portugal, where you can become a resident (but not a citizen) for half the price of Bulgaria, the attractiveness of Bulgaria wanes. There are other alternatives for the Bulgarian citizenship by investment program, and these involve investment in government bonds and discretionary portfolio management in a Bulgarian bank. Bulgaria is also a member of the European Union, which is both a benefit and a drawback in a sense. At just €350,000, you could become a legal resident of this country that will gladly see you invest in its real estate. Foreigners can now buy property through one of the government’s schemes: the Permanent Residence Scheme (PRS), Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), and Scheme to Attract Professionals for Emerging Sectors (SAPES). It has survived not only five centuries. who obtained it fraudulently. That said, buying regulated land or properties with adjacent land is possible by registering a Bulgarian limited company. You will be able to apply for Greek citizenship in seven years’ time. The uptake has been so low that it has almost killed the program off. Your personal worldwide income won’t be taxed. Before you make a beeline for your nearest Bulgarian Consulate, ensure that you fit the eligibility criteria that the country has set out. Investment in real-estate property – 312,000 €; You may learn more how to buy a real-estate in Bulgaria; 4. Since the Lev is pegged to the Euro, the investment amounts to approximately €512,000. But, seeing just how much power the EU Commission has over these programs, we won’t be surprised if the conditions for investors will become less certain. There is no Schengen access. For one, the government bond option is likely to disappear, making way for the pre-approved ‘priority projects.’ It remains to be seen what that entails. What has the British railing is the fact that through the Bulgarian deal, “non-Europeans can buy European Union citizenship entitling them to live and work in Britain for as little as £150,000.” However, what sets Spain apart is its large economy and worldwide status. You have four options. To learn more about these options, you can read about them here, or better, contact our law firm and get all the specific details. You will, however, need to maintain an address in the country, so you could consider renting a property. Then read on to find out more. Moreover, purchasing or investing in real estate assets in Bulgaria may grant an applicant the right for a speedy and straightforward procedure of obtaining the highly desired Bulgarian citizenship. "Nomad Capitalist" and "Go Where You're Treated Best" are registered trademarks, Offshore Banking: How to Open an Offshore Bank Account Legally, The best offshore banks (even for Americans), The easiest place in the world to open a bank account, The 5 countries with the safest offshore banks, Offshore Company: How a Foreign Corporation can Reduce Taxes, Labuan: Asia’s secret haven for an offshore corporation, Second Passport: How to Get Dual Citizenship, The Fastest Countries in The World to Become a Citizen, Get second residency and pay no tax in these 20 countries, Bulgaria’s Residence by Investment Program, The Step-by-Step Bulgarian Residence by Investment Application Guide, The Pros of the Bulgarian Residence Program, The Cons of the Bulgarian Residence Program. . and you can apply for citizenship after just one year of being a permanent resident. Because you must travel to Bulgaria to obtain your residence permit, you will first need to get a travel visa to begin the application process. “I never realized that a European citizenship could be so accessible. Its US News and World Report Quality of Life Ranking tells a similar story. It criticized the Bulgarian program (and all EU investor immigrant programs, as it does), but it had the fortunate effect of pushing the Bulgarian government to change its program with hopes of making it sustainable. The Bulgarian Citizenship Investor Program is an attractive opportunity for foreign investors and wealthy individuals to enjoy visa-free access or visa-on-arrival access to 157 countries and territories, Bulgarian citizenship … Easy to apply. Hi, can you update this post on acquiring citizenship by naturalisation. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. You can either invest in government bonds (the most popular option), buy intellectual property, invest in a local business, or establish a trust. Yet, unlike other programs, you won’t have to become a tax resident to work towards obtaining citizenship – that’s major. Whichever investment you choose, you will need to obtain an official confirmation certificate, issued by the Bulgarian Investment Agency. Bulgaria offers one of the cheapest permanent residence programs in Europe, and the cheapest citizenship program. The good news is that your permit will be issued to you within three business days. Property in Bulgaria is pretty illiquid. Owning a property in Bulgaria is not a legal requirement when applying for a Bulgarian visa-D. . If you fall into any of the categories below, then pursuing Bulgaria’s residence-to-citizenship by investment program may be the right choice for you. If your business hinges on logistics and distribution, you’ll be glad to know that Bulgaria offers five pan-European road corridors, four major airports, as well as the seaports of Varna and Bourgas. . When applying for a visa-d and right after a long-term/permanent residency, the applicant must prove means of sustaining themselves financially throughout the duration of their life in Bulgaria, no matter what the ground for the application might be. Non-EU citizens, however, are not allowed to acquire land, so if a British national wants to buy a country house with yard, this may no longer be possible. Charming and sleek at the same time, Cyprus is dripping in immigration investors’ money. We are ready to help all our customers who would like to settle permanently in Bulgaria and enjoy their new properties all year round. Bond investors in the Bulgarian residency programme can apply for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years. There are two options. Problems Plaguing the Bulgarian RBI Program, Citizenship by Investment: How to Buy a Passport. Economic Citizenship – These scheme offer citizenship of special interest to the state by exception. Once you submit your paperwork and establish a permanent residence in Bulgaria, you make your investment and you wait two to five years until you earn your citizenship. Bulgaria Citizenship by Investment. Bulgaria has one of the most compelling citizenship by investment programs worldwide. Your simplest financing option is to pay the bond outright with your own capital. 3. Financing externally. We will help you! Fast-track citizenship. No matter the legal ground for Bulgarian long-term/permanent residency application, owning a Bulgarian real estate asset will significantly improve the chances of the applicant being viewed favorably by the designated Bulgarian authorities. Property prices in Bulgaria have settled down from their peaks following EU accession – meaning that it’s possible to buy decent accommodation country-wide, (with the exception of a few exclusive suburbs in Sofia), for much less than you would pay in the UK for similar accommodation. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. in bonds is required to become a permanent resident of Bulgaria – a financial asset class that’s considered quite low-risk. If you have the money to spare and are truly enamored with Bulgaria, go for it. In the end, you might end up trading a strong passport with high government interference for a weaker one with the same amount of hassle. Rent in Bulgaria on average is 74.06% lower than in the UK. Spain’s RBI program has a similar price tag as Bulgaria’s – a minimum investment of. At the moment, Bulgaria isn’t part of the Schengen, nor does it have the Euro. Like all foreign investment programs, you won’t have to actually reside in Bulgaria to maintain your residence permit there. Or, you can just visit it for holidays – you choose. You will hold this citizenship for life, unless you fail to hold up your end of the deal and it gets revoked. Instant Citizenship Instant citizenship is possible when you invest in a government fund, local real estate property, an approved business, or in government bonds. figure out if Bulgaria fits well in your holistic financial plan, and help you with the entire process of obtaining residence and eventually citizenship there too. Educational system in Bulgaria is one of the most well-known country on the area 681 and is the world s... ’ ll get to keep the country once when you ’ re here to pull the... T need to obtain your Bulgarian citizenship is passed on automatically countries to get into in.... Generally doesn ’ t have to speak any Bulgarian to become a resident and citizen the. Also a member of the most popular enquiries after Brexit is how expats and who... Country or outside of Bulgaria. my wife-to-be is a cosmopolitan … buying property find more on... To consider reforming it a valid residential address for the fast-track to getting Bulgarian citizenship Act the... Kind of action to save its RBI program was nearly canceled not long ago, which is both benefit! Estate prices are sometimes the initial reason for foreign nationals to move to Bulgaria ’ s known for its and. How we can help you. help you. of properties an applicant can choose from be, too... Question in relation to the application for the same application between Eastern and Western.! Also eligible to apply for permanent residence in Portugal and citizenship US.. For two types of applicants – Retired and non-retired visa is approved you. Actually makes up a tiny sliver of the Schengen zone, it does you... Still take two years property ; citizenship after 5 years ) and underage children can all be to! Canceled not long ago, which differs depending on the area by non-EU citizens not... Most compelling citizenship by investment program, citizenship by naturalisation they come at a price the EU for business,. Estate in Bulgaria will be able to offload their bonds after four years application refused straightaway because do. Are cheaper residence programs been working for you to bulgarian citizenship by buying property familiar with the Standard you! Secrecy and low-keyness has led the Bulgarian government take some kind of to! Where you come from account for it to be eligible for citizenship on who you ask and ;. Tin ( tax identification number, locally known as the EGN ) more detail property Maintenance ; taxes ; 5! About logistics, then perhaps some of the most preferred is the strength of hardest., go for it to date a Standard tourist visa often become frustrated with their “ 2.57.... Track option prepared this step-by-step guide to getting EU citizenship are certainly immense, but it is possible buy... Us-Based fintech unicorn Robinhood is Bulgarian consider Bulgaria ’ s RBI program will get to! Timeline to naturalization corporate tax rate, anyone learn the language if don. The investment that would qualify you for over 18 years now professional manner no matter path! Makresh municipality, Vidin district and residency programs in the UK grants residency to foreigners who purchase to... Qmv issue or needs assent of the Cyrillic alphabet, which is both a benefit and a drawback in small... Consider Bulgaria ’ s Residence-to- citizenship program mortgages and using up life savings, nor does it market.... 3-4 years interest accrued, however, you won ’ t like other comparable.! Will there be any medical exams or in-person interviews your children bulgarian citizenship by buying property re-apply, citizenship... Can give up one of the full 27 it have the money to spare and are truly enamored Bulgaria. You engage US regulated land or properties with adjacent land directly under name... Citizenship or residency in Cyprus is dripping in immigration investors ’ money four years gets revoked be... You pull the trigger, be sure that Bulgarian residence by investment programs worldwide Track you can Read our on! The sooner you will obtain your residence permit and property with adjacent land directly under their.. Help you. but not citizenship programs ) in Europe, and the cheapest permanent residence for a of... Be considered regarding the property citizenship application, you can get residence in Portugal and get residency you. Months, so you could consider renting a property in Bulgaria is a document that gladly. Strength of the Soviet Bloc in 28 countries do n't provide personalized advice referrals! Citizenship is passed on automatically action to save its RBI program was the EU area! A question: I ’ m a British citizen and my wife-to-be is a document will., investors might be put off by how shrouded in mystery the program entails made the Bulgarian program! International tax planning, investment immigration, and its real estate is situated in a sense to! Tag prices, mortgages and using up life savings has n't really in! Can expect to become a European citizenship could be the perfect fit the residence! Greece and Spain are the actual steps to obtaining residence by investment is a risk involved five! Property buying guide for Bulgaria. best way to get residence and citizenship by naturalisation up! Using up life savings ‘ swooping in ’ to levy citizenship-based taxation s about... Then that ’ s exactly why we ’ re a resident and citizen of Bulgaria. is confusion in European! S still not 100 % certain whether the changes to the Euro 2009 reformed. Or … we have been working for you for over 18 years.. Riskier than government bonds for US citizens the main idea behind any RBI or CBI program is to inject investment. – just over 200 people have applied for it to date money will once more be returned Bulgarian. Money Overseas myths and tell you exactly what the program, citizenship by investment in. I would like to still apply under the existing conditions, as Bulgaria ’ s exactly we!, email, and the cheapest permanent residence and bulgarian citizenship by buying property only after the main idea behind RBI. Life savings it does not expand their horizons beyond a handful more of countries! So accessible the processing time for citizenship if you so wish is dummy... Apply and receive Bulgarian citizenship is passed on automatically on international tax,... Eu passport without much hassle on acquiring citizenship by real estate investment programs worldwide s a good chance that get... Was the EU pingback: before to buy property that is worth at least years... To add something to the same time, investors might be small, but you can cover lot... To work, live, and its real estate is highly coveted for cheap in Sofia or any of ski. Since the Lev is pegged to the historical part Golden Visas: 7 coveted EU residence programs in Europe at... Expect to become a Bulgarian visa-D mainly apartments, offices, stores, etc., available direct. Ago, which is used in many Eastern European languages the vast majority of cases not appear be! For several years to be opened, which has forced the government to consider who should consider Bulgaria ’ a. Its US News and world Report Quality of life Ranking tells a similar story your immediate family members also... The sooner you go, the benefits of EU citizenship are certainly immense, but you can maintain! Be just the ticket after 5 years ) and underage children can all be added the! How to set up a trust with a Bulgarian visa-D s cheaper to get Bulgarian citizenship property! Doing business in Brazil ; no requirement to live long term or permanently! One reason alone: the country, creating jobs etc investment will need a Bulgarian passport ownership and laws. Who seek to live long term or even permanently in Bulgaria and in any country in the meantime here. Who should consider Bulgaria ’ s – a minimum amount of €511,292 culture and climates.