Remember username. More information about the National Board Teacher Stipend Program can be found on the Educator Recruitment & Retention website. They also monitor the course but do not grade assignments. "Green": "Green", The program is provided through Montana's Learning Hub through the Project AWARE-MT SOARS grant funding. // We only support AMD modules with an explicit define() statement. Course begins January 7th and runs through February 3rd. • March 24: OPI and MUS announce free offerings of ACT this fall, Superintendent Arntzen submits statewide . M.util.help_popups.setup(Y); Take a FREE online course on the OPI Teacher Learning Hub. You can use the service to search for jobs, post your resume, find candidates and manage job postings.Montana school districts with job openings may login or request access now to post jobs.Check out the current job listings. An Introduction to Indian Education for All in Montana. Check it out. The Creating Asthma Friendly Schools training is a 1-2 hour self-paced course available to all Montana teachers and coaches. M.str = {"moodle":{"lastmodified":"Last modified","name":"Name","error":"Error","info":"Information","yes":"Yes","no":"No","ok":"OK","cancel":"Cancel","confirm":"Confirm","areyousure":"Are you sure?
videojs.options.flash.swf = ""; As part of the OPI’s service to Montana schools, the Hub’s readily accessible learning opportunities aim to minimize the time teachers spend away from their classrooms to attend trainings as well as save school districts money on professional development costs. Endorsement & Course Codes Top ": "The media is encrypted and we do not have the keys to decrypt it. What do I do? OPI Teacher Learning Hub: Local School Wellness Policy Are you interested in learning more about the requirements surrounding a school wellness policy? Montana Office of Public Instruction | P.O.Box 202501 Helena, MT 59620-2051, Contact the Teacher Learning Hub   |   If your pre-approval request is approved, you will need to submit proof of the completion of the renewal unit opportunity by following the directions provided to you in the approval email. // Stub module for 'process'. "Dropshadow": "Dropshadow", videojs.addLanguage('en', { While micro-credentials often use digital badges, the badges are not simply provided upon completion of a unit of study or after a certain amount of time has passed; instead, the digital badge is awarded after the participant has demonstrated their ability to perform the skills and/or competencies required of the micro-credential. Password. Or, check out our self-help articles. Home. the OPI Teacher Learning Hub (Hub). OPI Teacher Learning Hub: Local School Wellness Policy Are you interested in learning more about the requirements surrounding a school wellness policy? "Monospace Sans-Serif": "Monospace Sans-Serif", Learning Forward's Standards for Professional Learning "outline the characteristics of professional learning that leads to effective teaching practice, supportive leadership, and improved student results" (2017). These courses will fill quickly, so be sure to sign-up now so you don't miss out! The Office of Public Instruction is hosting a conference in Helena November 30 th through December 1 st titled “Celebrating Innovative Learning”. The primary purpose of the OPI Teacher Learning Hub has been to address the challenges of cost, distance, time, and equity of access to high-quality professional development for Montana educators. ", EdReady Montana; OPI Teacher Learning Hub; Montana Digital Academy Phyllis J. Washington College of Education The University of Montana 32 Campus Drive – Room 315 Missoula, Montana 59812 Phone: 406-203-1812 Fax: 406-203-1815. var ally_module_maps = {"file_resources":[],"assignment_files":[],"forum_files":[],"folder_files":[],"glossary_files":[],"lesson_files":[]}; , Paraprofessionals Achieving Standards Successfully: Reading---, Instructional Strategies for Paraeducators, Relationship Building and Self-care in a Rural or Tribal Setting, Resilient Together: Coping with Loss at School, Montana State Educator Information System (MSEIS). Where to enter your units to renew your license? Opi Mt Teaching Jobs. A-A+. ; Program 6 (state-level activities) comparison. "Picture-in-Picture": "Picture-in-Picture" For more information, contact Login. M.util.js_pending('core/notification'); require(['core/notification'], function(amd) {amd.init(2, [], false); M.util.js_complete('core/notification');});; "End of dialog window. "restore all settings to the default values": "restore all settings to the default values", "Chapters": "Chapters", ", ARM 10.57.216 Approved Renewal Activity - Approved renewal unit providers must offer activities that are "deemed appropriate for professional development of licensees in compliance with ARM 10.55.714 and 10.57.215.". 4. Early Assistance Program – The OPI Early Assistance Program is without cost and can help parents and schools resolve disagreements related to special education. Dyslexia Screening Tools. ", Close Font Resize. Search Catalog. There is a facilitator listed in case you have questions. "Reset": "Reset", "This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button. Please see ... Montana Tech – CFWEP and MPRES, Project Director . }); The digital badge can then become a part of the participant's "learner record," similar to a visual resume, that provides specific information regarding the micro-credential, the issuer of the micro-credential, and other important metadata. Welcome to the OPI Teacher Learning Hub. [CDATA[ }); "Play": "Play", jqueryprivate: { jquery: 'jquery' } This is a workaround for a bug in MathJax (see MDL-60458). Endorsement Codes.The Montana licensure endorsement codes are mapped to a common course numbering system aligned with these endorsement codes: MT Teacher Licensure Endorsement Codes 2020-2021. Close Font Resize. Search courses Go. // The Teacher Learning Hub is designed to be the online go-to for structured professional development and more casual resources for teachers. require(['core/prefetch']); Contrast. No, the Hub is its own system and thus requires you to setup an account. These courses are typically 3-5 weeks. "Progress": "Progress", ", // for their 'jquery' dependency. "Font Size": "Font Size", "Depressed": "Depressed", Yes, all of our courses offer OPI renewal units that are accepted by the Licensure Division at Montana’s OPI. The contract, with Kognito Interactive Programs, provided unlimited access for all Montana educators, school staff, and OPI partners over a 12-month period. There are a number of Administrative Rules of Montana (ARMs) that guide professional learning for education-related personnel, including: ARM 10.16.3135 Comprehensive System of Personnel Development (CSPDs) - CSPD is a regionalized structure that provides special education-related professional learning for pre-service and in-service educators, administrators, and paraprofessionals. OPI to Offer New Online Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources for Teachers. '*': { jquery: 'jqueryprivate' }, Go to OPI's Montana State Educator Information System (MSEIS). Along with the excitement of creating a new grading system that ignites a dynamic culture of learning will come opportunities to engage students, families and the community in creating a shared vision about the purpose of school. OPI renewal unit credit is available. "Background": "Background", Skip Login. ": "{1} is loading. OPI to Host Innovative Learning Conference. Allergies and Anaphylaxis Training for School Staff. M.util.js_pending('report_allylti/main'); require(['report_allylti/main'], function(amd) {amd.init(); M.util.js_complete('report_allylti/main');});; ", selected": ", selected", 2. Teacher Learning Hub Course Catalog; Preschool Preschool policy considerations (NCSL slides) A Fair Start: ... Preschool in Montana graphic. Professional Learning Considerations for Montana Educators. September 28, 2017. Virtually guided group courses blend the convenience of online learning with the power of collaboration. "Close Modal Dialog": "Close Modal Dialog", Montana teachers! OPI staff will make every attempt to keep the OPI Learning Opportunities current and accurate. You can also unsubscribe from OPI emails at any time. For those of us who work to make the Hub an engaging, high-quality professional learning experience–each course and interaction with the more than 11,000 educators who use the Hub–builds our commitment and enthusiasm for sharing what the Hub is and how it can help individual educators, schools, and districts grow their professional practice. ", Learning Designs - "Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students integrates theories, research, and models of human learning to achieve its intended outcomes. OPI 65th Legislative Session Wrap-Up. The OPI Learning Opportunities Portal contains a calendar of already scheduled events and a catalog of professional learning available online or by contacting the provider directly. There are three types of courses available: Facilitated Courses. The resources are personalized based upon your role. }); Lost password? Check out the OPI's Professional Learning Portal. "descriptions settings": "descriptions settings", //]]> ", opens subtitles settings dialog": ", opens subtitles settings dialog", "Pause": "Pause", Posted: (6 days ago) Jobs for Teachers - Montana Office of Public Instruction Posted: (2 days ago) Welcome to the Montana Jobs for Teachers Service. "Non-Fullscreen": "Non-Fullscreen", Please see for additional details impacting events. "Caption Settings Dialog": "Caption Settings Dialog", require(['jquery', 'tool_policy/jquery-eu-cookie-law-popup', 'tool_policy/policyactions'], function($, Popup, ActionsMod) { Now available through the Teacher Learning Hub - Local School Wellness Policy. // 'jquery-private' wants the real jQuery module "Beginning of dialog window. Check out the OPI's Professional Learning Portal. "Yellow": "Yellow", Additional resources related to licensure can be found on the Montana Educator Licensing website. Provides access to Accreditation Reports through the TEAMS System. These courses are newly released but those who have already taken them tout them as keepers! "Cyan": "Cyan", ; //