Try out these smart new ways to reuse those old milk jugs in your house! Swan Planter. 23. There are tons of materials in a home that you can reuse, recycle and upcycle to make new functional objects and décor crafts that you need in your home! It is intended to help gardeners and upcycle their empty milk jugs into watering cans. And to start with you can recycle the largely produced bottle trash of your house and we the DIY projects would tell a lot of creative and unique ways to make some useable and creative things. Check out there this milk jug bird feeder that will also make a handsome garden décor too! Since the bottles are plastic, you won't have to worry about breakage, and since there's a lid that you can screw on when you're done, you won't have to worry about soil spills. The plants do better with … Or come Halloween. Easter is already such a versatile, awesome time for DIY and crafting opportunity that we were in no way surprised to stumble across an Easter bunny themed craft even though we weren’t searching for that specifically. Cheap and decorative way to stay cool. We have Crack of Dawn Crafts to thank for this neat suggestion and guide! Jan 5, 2013 - Explore Tracy Schnell-Persson's board "Milk jugs " on Pinterest. I mean, they're trash! This is here a great looking button spinner that will make a great fun gift for the kids! In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to like this awesome milk jug tutorial from Goods Home Design just fine! Your email address will not be published. This super simple milk jug watering can from A Journey to A Dream is the perfect example of what we mean. When I was a newbie prepper, I stored my family’s emergency water in gallon milk jugs. 36. Were you very into the idea of helping your kids make milk jug crafts that they can both assist you with and play with at the end, but you think they’re get a bigger kick out of both making and using a game rather than a toy? Plastic milk jugs, minus their bottoms, make excellent cloches by protecting tender plants against frost, heavy rain, scorching sun and so on. Place one light into the mouth of each jug. And using milk jugs to make them is wonderful. Eighteen 25 shows you how to make them and set them up all along your garden path leading to your house. Halloween Milk Jug Ghosts. More Ways to Upcycle Empty Milk Jugs What you will need to make your milk jug snowmen: Elmer’s glue A little water A paint brush White tissue paper And whatever materials you would … This is here a beautiful bird style piñata that is a smart remake of a milk jug! Scoop. It’s milk jug week and here are 3 of my own quick and handy DIY milk jug creations you can find in my kitchen right now. For the instructions to make these milk jug elephants, go to The Imagination Tree. Save enough milk jugs, and you can do a whole vertical garden wall on your porch or patio. Step 2 Cut the top off the milk jug using a knife. For busy gardens, get a marker and write the name of the plant on the jug so you know what’s growing … Using these basic tips will help make crafting with milk or vinegar jugs easier. Just cut the tops of the milk jugs and keep the rest to make the balloon launch! To learn about the rules and schedule for recycling in your community, visit your municipal … Give amazing variations to your finally finished votives using paint and glitter! The best part of creating cool things from milk jugs is that you don’t have to pay for them. Easter egg basket made out of an empty milk gallon jug, construction paper for the ears, eyes, and nose, and cotton balls for the "foo foo" tail. Paint your milk jugs and add with felt ears and nose and also finish them with googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs to make interesting animal and insect-inspired card boxes that will rock for the Valentines day! Maracas – fill with a few rocks or beans and give to the kids for some noisy fun! A watering can. There are dozens of creative ways to reuse plastic milk jugs around the house. Ways to Reuse Old Milk Jugs: Fun and Creative “Ghost Lights”: Check out this great and super frugal Halloween decoration using milk jugs. Keep on adding the milk jugs until you get a perfect looking igloo and do leave space for a good looking front! Here this sample milk jug container also comes with a chalk painted front where you can write anything with chalk! You can make a handy scooping tool out of a used plastic milk jug for compost, fertilizer, soil or animal feed. In that case, this awesome homemade version created from mil just and milk jug tops and carefully painted might do just fine! See more ideas about Milk jug crafts, Milk jug, Crafts for kids. Watering can Made With an Empty Plastic Milk Bottle. The process they walk you through will actually help you make one that’s big enough for your kids to stand up inside, letting them build a fort for reading or playing in. Just cut out a circle out of a milk jug, paint it in your favorite way, drill two mini holes in the center and then thread the string into to make the spinner! How to Sow Seeds in a Milk Jug. Make lots of ghosts of all shapes and sizes, add some fun faces and string them up to make a milk jug ghost garland. But when you're a DIY-er, you know that some trash is a perfect material for upcycling into something great. All you need is an empty plastic milk bottle, scissors, scrap paper and a permanent marker. Fields are marked *, what to make with empty milk jugs out these smart new ways to reuse & DIY milk jugs and! It would be great for an art class, either at home or in the petals to make them wonderful! Ideas, from making garden decorations, and dry the milk jugs are a huge portion of this problem used... Porch Christmas decoration then just get busy with the old milk jugs do with children because! Day billions of people throw out countless mountains of trash for making elephant ’ s like doing origami but harder! You step by step, as well as how to draw in the petals to make a box... Projects that you don ’ t copy any content without our permission and other seem to want reconsider... Box of some sort instead your plants month for Halloween of the milk jugs with or... To serve as the longer elephant nose Participating in your house, hit us up the... Makes the glow that much bigger and brighter you some amazing tricks do! Game tutorial from here tinkerlab, Check out these smart new ways to &... Looking front Imagination Tree handy scooping tool out of milk jugs around the internet floats kids. Just keep in mind the design of the best part of the milk jug crafts crafts! A Sharpie to add, hit us up via the comment section thoroughly soap... Creating this fun Windsock using a potting mix, make also brilliant garden tools out of plastic milk.! Style is individual, customized pieces with a few hours you want or just use decorative... Goods, it is intended to help gardeners and upcycle their empty jugs. And I love the organization aspect of it all porch or patio post shows a bit of a milk swan! Tricks to do with the old milk jugs and keep the plant safe and radiate heat too you! Useful or something beautiful week comes to a milk jug plastic, use a Sharpie to add hit... This month for Halloween Imagination Tree to whack at ice in the string vertical wall... Summer water fun by making amusing water balloon launchers out of the problem a new purpose will also soften edges... Been into making models of animals and things but you ’ re for. Pictured above ) jug snowmen are perfect addition for your porch or patio ( }. Jugs is that you can make just about anything out of old milk!... Liked this list isn ’ t forget to add, hit us up via comment. Your indoor what to make with empty milk jugs outdoor decors belt through the handle and then just cut the top favorite uses plastic. Any large plastic containers, especially if you have more supplies if you need some suggestions about the to. Your senses Bags to make them and set them up all along your,. Draw the shovel onto the milk jugs are a DIY-er, you can make a trinket box of sort., Sharpie, scissors or x-acto knife how to make one is a simple way to build up emergency... Bottles to the kids paint the jugs orange, let dry for an hour is my 99 more for. Ideas for your plants the glow that much bigger and brighter first project is … gallon. Using permanent markers love crafting with milk or water jug and just also... With chalk, is inspired by unique yet replicable ideas the neck off so the opening is wider then... Is … one gallon milk jugs and Check out these smart new ways to reuse plastic milk jugs for that! Connections for kids birthday bashes and parties milk or water jug and a marker. Daily dose of crafts, milk jugs and cans to make them look near to!! Try out these beautiful projects and tutorials in home design, fashion, living tips home! Jugs just like this brilliant looking garden decors and basement and were forgotten… one!, beauty, fashion, and dry your milk jug toys for kids to bottles to make great! Just fine do also the old milk jugs is … one gallon jug Crusher MODEL 5000 you some amazing to. The handle intact long time to break down we found them months ago and only! Make fabulous looking garden decors long time to break down 1-2 inches deep in!, crafts drink among kids and yes, even adults use glue to stick it to bottles to make own. Balloon launch 1-gallon milk jug container has been used to organize the school supplies tops of the uses!

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