DIY Felt Story Board. I decided to go at least twice as long as my old tree trunk since I wanted to scrunch it up and give it a 3D effect. Another fun spring bulletin board idea are these lovely birds in a nest. The finished game board project measures 15 inches in width and 12 inches in height. We learned to count backwards from 5-1.Our group picture is on the shuttle. Do this as much as you want, and then align them so … If your students are studying a particular book, then base the bulletin board off of that book. So, we went to Hobby Lobby, picked out some camo fabric (perfect for our boys! Borders make objects look more definite and purposeful. Bulletin Board Awning Supplies. Post a read-aloud board. When coming up with bulletin board ideas for your office, stick to a theme that makes sense. This DIY Pop-up book project is suitable for a variety of ages. Also make sure the ends of the strip curve over the sides of the bulletin board and are flush with the back. Even adding a border around chart paper makes it hallway-worthy. Select your favorite template, upload your book cover design and ready! For an added effect, draw your picket fence pieces on a brown piece of construction paper and paint them white with paint. This adorable winter bulletin board idea is from Stephanie and Loreal @happilyeverelementary. You can use this idea where you glue clothespins to a board so it's simple to change the art (hate having to take out staples!) Stack the cardstock together, lining up the folded edge. Print the title template: Books are a Bushel of Fun (color or B&W) Church is a Bushel of Fun (color or B&W) Friends are a Bushel of Fun (color or B&W) Next, cut out enough green worms for each child in your classroom. Above: Elementary Classroom Bulletin Board Display of Game Board Book Report Projects This uniquely shaped book report project contains 4 worksheet templates that assemble into a game board. Learn how to make this board (this teacher used a door, but it would work for a bulletin board too) at the link below. Make an apple tree out of green and brown construction paper. We made the birds super simple, with oval shapes. To create the 3-dimensional snowman, you will need three different size white paper (or plastic) cups and a stapler. Source: Oh Boy, It’s Farley. This is a repeat bulletin board This is a 3D bulletin Board, I just love to make them 3D, The space shuttle is the 3D part. Then, cut out fall shapes, such as pumpkins or leaves, and have each of your students write their name and favorite book on one of the shapes. Prepare the board ahead of time by covering with a light color (light blue, white or beige will work well). Lay the plastic strip across your bulletin board's width and determine where you'll need to cut it to make the top of the pocket. Step 5 Cut out 100 oval-shaped leaves, approximately 6 inches long each, from the butcher paper, and paint them green with tempura paint using a craft paintbrush. With an easy-to-use 3D ebook cover template, you'll have a beautiful image in minutes! 22. Then arrange long, thin strips of brown paper to create a window frame effect across the entire bulletin board. Get everyone working in sync with a board that features an employee-selected song of the week. What ya gotta do is make a bubble sketch of fireworks, then, in a different color, do the same thing, but make it smaller. Staple the tree trunk to a bulletin board or use double-sided tape to secure it to a large wall. The Russians sent Yuri Gagarin into orbit on April 12, 1961. I cut mine so that there was approximately a 2" rise in the center (from the board to the plastic strip). And, even if we'd purchased the foam core, the whole project cost less than $20. The large 3D images will capture the eye of someone standing far away from the poster and draw the viewer closer to read your information. Include the name of the book, as well as a phrase. This simple bulletin board will fit right in and you can change the colors to fit the decor. Two in the nests and one ready to fly. Just click on the links below to preview the picture and instructions. Poster Board {I used 3 pieces, you may need more if your bulletin board is larger} Wrapping Paper {color of your choice} Scissors; Elmers Craft Bond Spray Adhesive; Ball Fringe {color of your choice} Bulletin Board Awning Directions.

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